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Range of product Altivar 61
Product or component type Variable speed drive
Product specific application Pumping and ventilation machine
Component name ATV61
Motor power kW 37 kW 3 phases at 380...480 V
Motor power hp 50 hp 3 phases at 380...480 V
[Us] rated supply voltage 380...480 V (- 15...10 %)
Network number of phases 3 phases
Line current 69 A for 480 V 3 phases 37 kW / 50 hp
84 A for 380 V 3 phases 37 kW / 50 hp
EMC filter Level 3 EMC filter
Assembly style With heat sink
Apparent power 55.3 kVA for 380 V 3 phases 37 kW / 50 hp
Prospective line Isc 22 kA 3 phases
Maximum transient current 94.8 A for 60 s 3 phases
Nominal switching frequency 12 kHz
Switching frequency 1...16 kHz adjustable
12...16 kHz with derating factor
Asynchronous motor control profile Voltage/Frequency ratio, 2 points
Voltage/Frequency ratio, 5 points
Flux vector control without sensor, standard
Voltage/Frequency ratio - Energy Saving, quadratic U/f
Synchronous motor control profile Vector control without sensor, standard
Communication port protocol CANopen
Type of polarization No impedance for Modbus
Option card APOGEE FLN communication card
BACnet communication card
CC-Link communication card
Controller inside programmable card
DeviceNet communication card
Ethernet/IP communication card
Fipio communication card
I/O extension card
Interbus-S communication card
LonWorks communication card
METASYS N2 communication card
Modbus Plus communication card
Modbus TCP communication card
Modbus/Uni-Telway communication card
Multi-pump card
Profibus DP communication card
Profibus DP V1 communication card


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