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Diris A30 / A40 - Panel Meter
Diris A30 / A40 - Panel Meter
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25 Feb 2020
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The DIRIS A-30 and A-41 are power
monitoring devices that provide the user with
all of the measurements needed to complete
energy efficiency projects and to assure the
monitoring of electrical distribution.
All the information can be used and analysed
remotely using energy efficiency software

User-friendly operation
With its large backlit multiple-display screen
with 6 hot keys, the DIRIS A-30 is easy to use.

Detects wiring errors.
The DIRIS A-30 is provided with a correction
function for TC wiring errors.

The DIRIS A-30 can be equipped with
additional modules that give the user flexibility
throughout the service life of the product.

Communication modules and additional digital
or analogue inputs/outputs can be used to
increase its range of functionality.

Reference standard for PMDs (Performance metering & monitoring devices), IEC 61557-12
guarantees performance levels and satisfactory performance from the PMDs under the
environmental conditions typical of industrial and tertiary applications.

• Currents
- instantaneous: I1, I2, I3, In, Isystem
- average/max average: I1, I2, I3, In
• Voltages & frequency
- instantaneous: V1, V2, V3, U12,

U23, U31, F, Vsystem, Usystem
- average/max average: V1, V2, V3, U12, U23, U31, Factor Powers
- instantaneous: 3P, YP, 3Q, YQ, 3S, YS
- max average: YP, YQ, YS
- predictive: (YP), (YQ), (YS)
• Power factors
- instantaneous: 3PF, YPF
- average/max average: YPF Kfactor Temperatures (1)
- internal
- external via 3 PT100 probes 

• Active energy: +/- kWh
• Reactive energy: +/- kvarh
• Effective power: kVAh
• Hours: Harmonic analysis
• Level of harmonic distortion
- Currents: thd I1, thd I2, thd I3, thd In
- Phase-to-neutral voltage: thd V1, thd V2, thd V3 

Phase-to-phase voltage: thd U12, thd
U23, thd U31
• Individual harmonics up to 63rd
- Currents: HI1, HI2, HI3, HIn
- Phase-to-neutral voltage: HV1, HV2, HV3,
- Phase-to-phase voltages:
HU12, HU23, HU31

Load curve (1)
• Active & reactive power:
YP+/- ; YQ+/-
• Voltages & frequency: V1, V2, V3,
U12, U23, U31, F

Events (1)
• Alarms on all electrical parameters.
Communications (1)
• RS485 (Modbus)
• Ethernet
• Ethernet with RS485 Modbus RTU gateway over TCP
• Profibus DP Sub-D9

Inputs/ Outputs(1)
• Pulse counting
• Checking / control of equipment
• Alarm report
• Pulse report

Analogue output
• Analogue 0/4- 20 mA

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