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Diris Udc - Panel Meter
Diris Udc - Panel Meter
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The DIRIS Digiware U-3xdc module measures DC voltage for the entire system.
It measures up to 180 VDC with a direct connection and is therefore compatible with typical
nominal voltages (24 VDC, 48 VDC…).

The voltage adaptors make the system compatible with all voltage levels
up to 1650 VDC to respond to the needs of all applications.
The RJ45 Digiware Bus transmits voltage measurements along with power supply and
communication to all connected products.

Single voltage measurement
- 1 single voltage measurement point for the entire system.
- Single point of protection for the voltagemeasurement.
- No hazardous voltage on panel doors.

- The voltage adaptors make the measurement system compatible with all
DC electrical networks.

Plug & Play
interfaces or from the Easy Config configuration software.

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