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Diris I - Panel Meter
Diris I - Panel Meter
Diris I - Panel Meter
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24 Feb 2020
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DIRIS Digiware I modules measure consumption and monitor the system at the
closest point to the loads. The flexibility of these modules allows you to allocate the
loads to be measured or monitored through independent current inputs.
For example:
- 1 three-phase load,
- 3 single-phase loads.

The RJ45 and RJ12 connections allow you
to connect modules very quickly and to
automatically configure connected current
- communication address,
- load type,
- sensor type and ratio,
- automatic rating and verification of current
travel direction.
Wiring errors are also prevented and
installation is simplified.

- RJ45 and RJ12 rapid connection.
- Available with 3, 4 or 6 inputs.
- Single-output or multi-output for maximum
optimisation of the number of products.
- Compact format: 1 or 2 modules sized for
integration at the closest point to the loads.

 A complete, dedicated solution:
- metering,
- monitoring,
- quality analysis.
- Compliant with standard IEC 61557-12,

guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of
the system:
- class 0.5 for the 2 - 120% rated current
global measurement chain In (with TE/TF
current sensors)

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